Cherry Nutrition 

'It was a great relief to talk with Cherry, as her experience, knowledge and compassion show' 

Supporting you to Self-manage your health through dietary change


Dietetic Services expertly provided by degree qualified, NHS-trained Registered Dietitian

  Currently Cherry is not seeing any new patients.

If you need a registered dietitian then check out the Contact a Dietitian page (under About) which has links to some excellent dietitians!

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Cherry Nutrition

The driving force for setting up Cherry Nutrition was a deep desire to help improve people's lives by giving them insight into their health conditions and empowering them to make positive change used evidenced based plans. 


Do you need help with gut issues such as IBS, coeliac, acid reflux or chronic constipation?

Do you think you have a food intolerance or have you been diagnosed with an allergy?

 Worried about an ageing parent who is losing weight?

Have you just been told you have high cholesterol?


 Each client is an individual so we listen to you, we complete a full assessment and together we formulate a well-researched and comprehensive plan that will fit around your lifestyle.

This specialist service aims to provide individuals with a higher level of support which goes above and beyond a 15 minute NHS consultation with the standard one sizes fits all approach and a basic diet sheet. 

At Cherry Nutrition we are able to offer bespoke care, up to date quality patient resources and 90 minutes per appointment which is not possible in an NHS setting. 

PLEASE NOTE - We can not see patients with Eating disorders or those patients under 16 years of age. Patients between the ages of 16-18 need to attend appointments with a parent or guardian aged 18 +

Cherry Hagger Dietitian - Nutrition Happy IBS Client

'It was a great relief to talk with Cherry, as her experience, knowledge and compassion show' 

Male patient 64yrs 

'I have found your counselling and advice very supportive and practical. I am more able to manage my condition now and am able to get on with life and spend less time in the smallest room of the house!'

Female patient 42 yrs