Nutrition training for Residential and Nursing home

Nutrition training with practical skills for residential and nursing homes

Excellence in Nutrition Training

We have a specialist team of dietitians and dietetic assistants who can train your staff to offer nutritional screening excellence to your residents and meet and exceed CQC guidance.


Who are we?


Cherry Nutrition is an Essex-based company founded and run by NHS trained and HCPC registered dietitians – experts in nutrition training. We have all worked delivering outstanding care across Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk in community settings. 


What are we offering you? 


For a limited time, only Cherry Nutrition is offering 50% off its popular nutrition training course – BOOK NOW for just £149 for up to 12 participants in 2019.


(Offer valid until 31st December – please check our Terms and Conditions below for details)


What do we do? 


We deliver face-to-face 2hr courses on your premises for up to 10 members of staff at a time. These are informative, practical courses that provide nutritional training excellence as well as being fun and interactive for your staff. 


Why is our Face-to-Face nutrition-training course better than other nutrition training courses?


We decided to offer face-to-face courses as we realised that residential and nursing homes in Essex were getting little or no input from NHS community dietetic services and so many private training providers were only offering online products; which fail to meet the needs of most homes providing nursing and residential care. 


Our courses are great because:

  • We have dynamic interactive courses, which your staff will actively participate in not passively sit through

  • In a Face-to-face course, we can check understanding 

  • In our sessions, your staff can ask us questions and clarify things as they go along 

  • As we are all experienced Dietitians, we can offer a level of excellence and knowledge far beyond that of most training providers

  • If your staff, do not have English as their 1st language our face-to-face courses are invaluable at ensuring they have competence in nutrition knowledge and malnutrition monitoring.

  • We can offer optional extras or bespoke additions to ANY course 


What does our core Nutrition Training course offer?


Our core nutritional training package ensures you comply with the Nutrition and Hydration - Regulation 14 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and contains the following sessions:


  • What is nutrition and hydration? 

  • How does it differ in the ageing population?

  • Protein and energy - why are they important in the ageing population 

  • What is malnutrition and how to spot residents at risk of malnutrition 

  • How to provide excellence in nutrition and hydration provision in a care setting 

  • How to monitor the residents for malnutrition using MUST screening tool (Practical session)

  • What is fortification and why is it important for residents? (Practical session)

  • How to estimate height using ulnar length (Practical session)

  • How to estimate weight and BMI using MUAC (Practical session)

  • How to complete MUST and Nutritional monitoring on patients who are bedbound (Practical session)


Each staff member who attends will be assessed for competency in MUST screening and will receive a Certificate of Proficiency on completion.




Are there any other topics available? 


We also offer additional modules for those homes that request a more bespoke package. These are example of some of the optional modules we can add for your staff needing a bespoke training session:


  • Coeliac disease - how to look after residents with this diagnosis 


Recommended if you have residents with this diagnosis or wish to offer this nutrition knowledge to prospective new residents. (Fulfils your requirements under 14 (4) c of the Health and Social Care Act 2008).


  • Food Allergy and Food Intolerance


Recommended if you have residents with this diagnosis or wish to offer this nutrition knowledge to prospective new residents. (Fulfils your requirements under 14 (4) c of the Health and Social Care Act 2008).


  • Diabetes and nutrition in the elderly 


  • Food fortification a practical session for kitchen staff 


Using inexpensive everyday foods to enhance the protein and energy levels of food to minimise the use of prescribed supplements. 


  • How to use diet to aid the healing of pressure sores


Specific nutritional solutions for underweight, healthy weight and overweight residents with pressure sores 


  • Nutritional Management and Audit Skills


Specific training for home managers to ensure they can coordinate the nutritional monitoring in their homes, provide nutrition and hydration excellence and audit the nutrition monitoring skills of their staff. 



Terms and Conditions - The Small Print (Yes, we know it’s not that small but we like to be clear)


  • All training sessions must be booked with a £75 deposit by noon on 31st December 2018 to take advantage of this offer. 

  • A maximum of 3 sessions per home are available at this Special Discounted rate.

  • Standard price is £300. 

  • Training sessions booked will need to be completed before 31st March 2019. 




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In addition to these 1-3 hour sessions for employees, we run a very successful talk for relatives entitled 

'Why does my family member not want to eat and drink?'

Understanding the impact of dementia and other diseases of older age on Eating and Drinking 


This Interactive Practical talk is £99 - Discounts for multiple sessions booked