Dietitians in Essex and beyond available for you......
As I am unable to take on new patients at present I wanted to provide links to some excellent dietitians working in Essex but also further afield. There are gastroenterology dietitians and the contact details of other dietitians who may help those of you looking for other support with allergy, women's health, weight management, children's dietetic concerns, diabetes or other issues. Some provide face to face and others online consultations. 

Gastroenterology dietitians working with people with digestive issues: IBS, constipation, coeliac disease, diverticular disease and GORD etc

Julie Walker - Gastroenterology & weight management - Bramble Nutrition - Julie is very experienced and has worked within the NHS for over 20 years. She sees patients both online and face to face in  Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire -

Catherine Jehangiri and Rosie Hogg - Gastroenterology - Oxford Gastro Dietitians - Rosie and Catherine work together to help assess and treat a wide variety of digestion issues via online consultations

Mairi Huntly - Gastroenterology and weight management - The Cambridge Dietitian - Mairi
 is very experienced and has worked within the NHS for over 20 years and is specialised in IBS and weight management -

Joe Alvarez - Gastroenterology and weight management - Joe Alvarez Dietitian - Joe works online and also does home visits in East London - he is one of only a few male dietitians working privately with IBS patients

Sejal Jacob - Gastroenterology - Sejal Jacob Dietitian - Sejal works online and Norwich and was trained at Kings College London Low FODMAP course -

Dietitians for people with diabetes, liver and kidney issues

Annabel Alder - Diabetes, Kidney disease and fatty liver specialism - Annabel Alder - Annabel can support patients with a range of issues and has a wealth of experience in a broad range of dietetic areas. including menopause -

Laura Coster - Diabetes, Eating Disorders and Cancer care 
 - Ask Your Dietitian - Laura is Essex based with mainly online but some clinic appointments in Southend - she also can support those with neurologically related dietetic issues - 

Dietitians for women health and sports nutrition 

Anna Groom - Sports and weight management dietitian - AEG Nutrition - Anna is based in Suffolk and is also a paediatric dietitian she uses a health coaching style with innovative lifestyle courses also available.  
Face to face and online consultations -

Cordula Henggeler - Women's health - Women's Health Dietitian - Cordula supports those with PCOS, fertility issues and 
endometriosis with online clinics.

Dietitians for Children 

Paula Hallam - Paediatric Allergy - Tiny Tots Nutrition - Paula is a very experienced allergy dietitian for children who can see you online and face to face - 

Bahee Van de Bor - Paediatric IBS - UK Kids Nutrition - Bahee specialises in helping children with digestive issues and constipation as well as general nutrition concerns with online consultations for children up to 16 years old -

Lucy Neary - Paediatric - The Early Years Dietitian - Lucy supports those with Fussy eaters and the weaning process along with a broad range of other conditions. Essex based online at present.