Corporate Services 

With a wealth of training experience and expertise in the corporate and NHS sectors the team at Cherry Nutrition is able to offer 30-90 minute nutrition focussed employee wellbeing sessions to suit your business needs.


Improve your employees wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle interactive sessions

At Cherry Nutrition we are flexible to your business demands we offer popular early morning (6.30am-9am) and lunchtime interactive sessions for your employees but are happy to come and run multiple sessions throughout a working day.

The sessions are fun and interactive and can help with reducing staff sickness levels and increase morale.

Sessions are for up to 25 staff lasting 30-45-60mins on a diverse number of topics listed below:

  • Food and Mood - optimising your diet to deal with work related stress 

  • How to improve Reflux and heart burn with diet and lifestyle change

  • IBS - managing my symptoms in the fast paced work environment  

  • High cholesterol - what can I do next to take control?

  • What does the label say? Understanding the food label for better health.

Cherry Nutrition offers our Corporate Nutrition Sessions service to businesses based in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge.

Prices start from £99 for a 30 min talk or from £350 per day for multiple interactive sessions.