Food Intolerance and Allergy

'Some foods give me an upset stomach and bloating - Am I allergic or intolerant?'
'I am avoiding milk and gluten because I'm intolerant but I'm worried I'm not getting enough calcium '
'I had an IgG test and the testing company told me there are now 12 foods I'm allergic to - Can this be right? '

Patients often remove foods from their diet as they believe that a certain food or foods cause gut problems, migraine etc;


The words 'Allergy' and 'Intolerance' are often used interchangeably and there are lots of companies offering testing for both allergy and intolerance online or through beauty and nutrition clinics.


What is an allergy and what is an intolerance?


A Food Allergy is where your body reacts to even a very small amount of the food

and the reaction is normally quick and it involves the immune system and can be dangerous.


A Food Intolerance normally occurs when a food reaches a trigger level, for example, a splash of milk in tea will give no symptoms but a large milkshake makes you run to the toilet. The symptoms are NOT fatal or dangerous and it does NOT involve your immune system. 


At Cherry Nutrition we follow NICE guidance and scientific principles in our clinical practice which states that the ONLY way to diagnose Food Intolerance is through the removal of a single food at a time and supervised reintroduction to see if symptoms stop during exclusion and then return. Vega, IgG, hair sampling and kinesiology testing are NOT scientific tests to diagnose Intolerance and do not feature in our clinics. At Cherry Nutrition we can help you test for intolerance through the supported exclusion and reintroduction of perceived trigger foods with the aim of reducing or stopping your symptoms. 


Food Allergy can be tested for using IgE blood tests or a skin prick testing but the results need to be evaluated interpreted by a specialist allergy Consultant (a medically trained doctor in an NHS or Private hospital). This is because not everyone who has a sensitivity to the test will be allergic and it can lead to unnecessary food restrictions and anxiety. At Cherry Nutrition we do NOT test for allergy but we are happy to help people struggling to have a healthy diet due to medically diagnosed allergy improve their diet through substitutions of suitable non-allergic foods.


If after assessment of your diet and symptoms we believe you may have an undiagnosed allergy we will complete an EATERS history assessment and write to your GP or consultant to request a referral to an NHS allergy service.


Food Intolerance and Allergy

Comprehensive evidenced based and holistic care

At Cherry Nutrition we use dietary and lifestyle interventions  to support patients with diagnosed allergy. We also offer dietary assessment and short term exclusion diets to consider the impact of food intolerances on your symptoms :


  • Dietary manipulation intervention to consider food intolerance 

  • Diet optimisation with allergy 

  • Oral Allergy Syndrome

  • Low Histamine Interventions 

  • Overcoming food anxiety with food intolerances

  • Assistance with weight gain in those who have severely restricted diets with food intolerance 

  • Diet Optimisation with food intolerance  



Initial consultation £85 

Diet analysis with report £75 (optional)

Subsequent appointments £75 





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