GP Nutrition Training  

With a wealth of training experience and expertise in the NHS the team at Cherry Nutrition is able to offer 30-90 minute sessions for clinical staff to suit your practice needs.

In addition to these 30-90 minute sessions for employees we run a very successful talk for patients and relatives entitled 

'Why does my family member not want to eat and drink?'

Understanding the impact of dementia and other diseases of older age on Eating and Drinking

This is a 45 minute talk with interactive elements which aims to teach them: to recognise malnutrition, understand what causes of it and empower them to use practical ideas and a Food First approach to slow or reverse it without prescribed supplements. 

Woman & Doctor

Evidenced-based CPD 

We aim to offer interactive sessions that focus on practical application of nutritional knowledge using case studies and considering the business needs in a GP Practice
Many sessions have the additional outcome of enabling GPs to reduce repeated appointment from patients with chronic conditions by increasing patient self- management.

We offer training on the following topics:

IBS - How to diagnose, treat and empower patients to self manage within primary care settings.

FODMAP - What is it ? How does it work? Which patients should be referred for this intervention?

Coeliac - what is coeliac? How and when should we check for Coeliac? How to

support the patient for medium and long term self-management.

Food Intolerance and allergy - spotting the difference and referring appropriately in the adult patient

​The elderly patient experiencing weight loss - What next? A Dietitian's guide to first steps in Nutrition support using food and appropriate supplementation

Using Novel ways to complete CPD, engage with the latest research and understand your patients better - the benefits of social media engagement 

Supplements - the hidden medications that patients take and the possible dangers 

Prices start from £99 for 6 participants