Do you suffer from bloating?

Do you get stomach aches or pain? 
Do you worry about where the nearest toilet is when you are at work ?
Do you have to drop everything and run to the toilet?
Are you fed up with worrying?


There are three main types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). One is mainly diarrhoea predominant, one is mainly constipation and the last is a mixture of the two types. Each gives a set of physical symptoms including stress which can affect EVERY aspect of your life.



Cherry Nutrition


to Support you to Self-manage your health through dietary change.

Is your wind causing 


Do you skip meals to stop accidents? 
Do you worry about where the nearest toilet is when you are out with the family or on holiday?
Do you get constipation?
Have you cut out foods from your diet and the problems continue?

At Cherry Nutrition we pride ourselves on the high level of care we provide for our gastroenterology patients.

We use bespoke dietary and lifestyle plans to support patients with IBS to improve their symptoms and quality of life.

Your initial appointment will take 60 minutes and during this we will;


  • Take a comprehensive medical history

  • Consider your diet including any supplements and medications you take

  • Consider other conditions to ensure they have been ruled out.

  • Discuss your symptoms and lifestyle

  • Consider the impact of the Brain Gut Axis on your symptoms 

  • Considering all the aspects above develop a plan to allow you to self manage your condition.

  • For SOME patients with IBS a Low FODMAP diet intervention maybe recommended at this stage - see FODMAP page for more details.

Initial consultation £85

Packages for multiple consultations available 

The IBS Network is a fantastic charity that supports people with IBS which we would recommend to you if you are asking the question

'Have I got IBS?'

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15 min COMPLEMENTARY CALL to discuss your needs

So what happens in clinic?

Cherry Nutrition aims to ensure all patients get time to tell their unique story about their health issues. We offer single appointments for simple dietetic advice but most patients need a several appointments to explore strategies to improve their issues.



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Cherry Nutrition can offer you Comprehensive evidenced based and holistic care to treat your IBS