A Complex treatment for IBS

The low FODMAP diet was devised by scientists at MONASH university in Australia to help people improve or fully control their IBS symptoms. Kings College London are the UK University who complete research and train dietitians in how to support people attempting the diet.


The diet involves temporarily removing foods, for a 6-8 weeks, that cause fermenting in the gut giving you symptoms such as; bloating, pain, urgency and diarrhoea. The diet needs close support from a registered dietitian to support you to remove foods and then reintroduce them one at a time  to discover your trigger foods.

We recommend this diet AFTER you've tried some simpler dietary changes for IBS as it is not straightforward and takes planning and commitment. In addition you will need to have a healthy weight, be able to cook and it may not be suitable for people who suffer from high levels of anxiety 

Complete FODMAP Package 

Specialist support for complex intervention to treat IBS

A comprehensive low FODMAP package with a Specialist gastroenterology dietitian

trained by Kings College London (UK research base for FODMAP diet)

  • Four face to face clinic appointments

  • Email and phone support in between your face to face appointments.

  • At initial appointment you are talked through the outline of the diet and given exclusive KINGS college written material for the exclusion phase and an app to guide you during the  intervention.

  • 6 weeks later you will return to clinic to consider the reintroduction phase with additional written resources provided.

  • At the mid point of the reintroduction phase 4-8 weeks you will return so we can check your progress.

  • At the end of the reintroduction phase you will have your new diet analysed to ensure it is balanced with a report to keep

  • You will be given practical advice to assist you finding substitute foods for your trigger foods before discharge.

Cost of package £349 (Saving £100+ on the cost if appointments, resources and analysis is paid for as individual elements).

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