Other Dietetic Services we offer in clinic

There are many other areas of your health we can provide dietetic support for at Cherry Nutrition

Cherry Nutrition aims to ensure all patients get time to tell their unique story about their health issues. We offer single appointments for simple dietetic advice but most patients need a several appointments to explore strategies to improve their issues.

Additional Nutritional Services 

Concerned about unintentional weight loss or other health issue?

Cherry Nutrition offers several additional services for those with health concerns which can be supported or improved with dietary input. Some of these include:

  • High cholesterol - what the numbers mean and dietary advice to help prevent further increase and promote lowering of cholesterol.

  • If you have Renal (Kidney) or Hepatic (Liver) issues and need support with optimising your diet 

  • Post stroke/heart attack - dietary change advice and support to reduce risk of further stroke.

  • Tailored support and counselling for older people (and their families) with unintentional weight loss due to conditions of ageing (Dementia, Alzheimers disease, Parkinson's disease etc;) to minimise further weight loss and promote weight improvement.

  • Newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes but want more help and advice to self-manage your condition through dietary change


Cost of Initial appointment £85 

Cost of Subsequent appointment £75




  • Dietary analysis service (£80 for analysis and report - discounted if part of appointment package)

  • Supermarket tours to assist with changing diet  - from £40

  • Personalised menu plans for dietary change - from £75