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Forget the Detox, Cleanse and Diet - Add 4 new things to your life in 2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

It's 2020 and everyone is talking detox, cleanse and diet but not at Cherry Nutrition. Everyone has overindulged over Christmas and this is a good thing!! Relaxing, enjoying life and socialising is a big part of who we are as humans. Food is central to this and great food, lovingly prepared, should be relished.

Christmas dinner is not without its merits.... Turkey (a great source of lean protein) served up with large amounts of vegetables is a balanced meal.

What most of us do in December which is unlike the rest of the year is; snacking on chocolates, having very large portions, moving less and indulging in alcohol more frequently over 2 weeks.

IF you are unlucky enough to have a gut health issue like Acid Reflux, IBS, Diverticular disease or Gallbladder issues this overindulgence can make your symptoms a lot worse - hence the flurry of enquiries to my inbox and answer machine this week.

Does this need a DETOX?


We own a Liver and two kidneys which are excellent at getting our body detoxed WITHOUT additional expensive detox diets, detox smoothies and detox teas.

Do I need SUPPLEMENTS to cleanse my body or boost my health?


There is only one supplement that healthy adult needs and that is Vitamin D during the winter as it is the 'sunshine' vitamin we can only get from the sun. These can be bought over the counter in supermarkets or pharmacies. Many supplements sold by health food shops and nutritional therapists will just give you a lighter wallet but some will make gut symptoms worse causing bloating and urgency for the loo.

At Cherry Nutrition we want to tackle things in a positive way. Why? Because removing lots of foods and eating a restrictive diet has a negative impact on your gut microbiome

(the good bacteria that live in intestines). We know that variety is key to a healthy gut microbiome and research suggests this supports better mental health, weight management and reduces improves the functioning of your gut so you can go and live life to the full! NO MORE WORRY!

IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH IN 2020 ADD 4 things to your life today

ADD No. 1 🥦🍒🍅🍓🥬🌽🥝 Add more FRUIT and VEG! This is great for vitamins and fibre AND will fill you up - many patients with constipation will get improvement to bowels. This needs to be whole fruit and vegetables and NOT smoothies or juices. We need the fibre from whole fruit and vegetables for a healthy gut.

ADD No. 2 Add NUTS, SEEDS and OATS to salads, yoghurts and breads etc Great for FIBRE, healthy fats and minerals (which improve mood)! Healthy fats in moderate portions increase good cholesterol. According to a scientific study published in the Lancet (Medical Journal) last year - just a small increase in fibre 6g per day can reduce your chance of bowel cancer, breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

ADD No. 3 Add DAIRY - It's NOT scary it's great! - Think milk in drinks, on porridge, on cereal plus yoghurts. It has both calcium essential for bone health which prevent osteoporosis in later life. Young people continue to build bone until they are around 22-23 years old so lack of dairy in young adulthood can be catastrophic. Milk also has iodine essential for growing a healthy baby (IF that is a goal for you in 2020).

ADD No. 4 Add Walking - NOT everyone is able or has the time for the LONDON marathon in 2020 but the majority of us can walk. Walking especially outside in the fresh air is great exercise and can lift spirits (the body produces feel good chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins), aids digestion and when the sun is out from March to October help us make Vitamin D essential to absorb calcium from the dairy we consume. Using the stairs instead of the lift and walking 5 minutes to the local shop rather than taking the car is going to add up across the year!

If you want to optimise your diet in 2020 then thinking MORE about ADDING and LESS about taking away can make positive change to digestion, health, weight and mind set.

IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH YOUR GUT HEALTH DUE TO IBS, REFLUX OR HAVE SUSPECTED FOOD INTOLERANCES AND NEED HELP WITH IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH AND DIET? Check out for more details! Free 15 minute chat to discuss your gut health needs and work with me in 2020.

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