Do you have persistent heart burn and reflux which affects your life?
Are you newly diagnosed with Coeliac but unsure of what to eat?
Have you had problems with constipation and want to know if changing your diet could help?
Have you suffered with diarrhoea and other symptoms since your gall bladder was removed?

Cherry Nutrition aims to ensure all patients get time to tell their unique story about their health issues. We offer single appointments for simple dietetic advice but most patients need a several appointments to explore strategies to improve their issues.

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Gastroenterology Services

Comprehensive evidenced based and holistic care

At Cherry Nutrition we pride ourselves on being one of the leading private dietetic specialists in gastroenterology for Essex. 

We use dietary and lifestyle plans/interventions to treat/support patients the following conditions:


Heartburn and Reflux known as Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD)

Coeliac disease

Chronic Constipation 

Diverticular disease 


Dumping syndrome 

Crohn's Disease 

Ulcerative Colitis 

Liver issues 

Bile Salt Malabsorption (BAM)


Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome (Problems with diarrhoea and other gut symptoms issues after gallbladder removed)

Pancreatic Exocrine insufficiency (PEI) 


Initial Appointment cost £85

Review appointment £75


Packages available for multiple appointments